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Professional Development Training Center Inc.


COVID-19 is forcing us to change the way we run our sessions!  The timing is good.

PDTC professionally video recorded seminars over the past several months, and have been offering VIRTUAL SEMINARS via Google Meet.  We have you subscribe to the videos, and you can watch at your leisure plus check in virtually.

We are about to publish our new website starting April 20th week, which will house Level 1 online!  You can complete Level 1 either with coaching, or entirely online.

Level 2 and 3 are via video conference and interactive video.

The videos are just like being in a real classroom environment, with people like you asking real questions!  They are really good, with interactive tempo to help you understand.


Email Jane Davis @ for more details !!


Training for Insurance Professionals:

Jane Davis, CIP is our lead instructor, with over 20 of Insurance and Financial Services training background. Jane is well known for development of training programs. Her unique approach will leave you eager to achieve success in your career.   The difference with Jane;  she stays fresh and knowledgeable about what is happening in the industry and education sector of the industry today.

PDTC students success on licensing exams is one of the top in Alberta.  Interactive in-person approach with skilled use of learning styles is the difference!   GREAT NEWS: these results are being published in 2020. 

 Effective January 2020, training providers provide participants with approval and certification to write Alberta Insurance Council Level 1 exam.  PDTC Inc exceeds AIC standards of approval and certification process. 

Attend our seminar and pass the Alberta Insurance Council examinations. 

77% of participants at January 2020 seminars passed on their first attempt of AIC Exam which requires at least a 70% passing grade.        The industry average on first attempts is 52% pass.

Save money, be successful, get licensed.  Quickstart your career ! 


Level 1 Seminars are held every two months in Edmonton and Calgary. Select "General Insurance" from the menu for upcoming dates and registration forms.

 Participation based training: We are well known for interactive training sessions which are educational and participative. Innovative training techniques ensure your involvement in your own success. Pre-work is essential, which is sent to you upon registration.

Select General Insurance tab from the main menu for upcoming  Level 1 and Level II dates


    • Real results: Our programs success is measured frequently. We are among the industry leaders in successful completion of the insurance licensing examination processes.   computer_operator.jpg


  • Seminars to fit your company goals: Working closely with your company, we are able to custom tailor our seminars to meet your management and sales training needs.
  • Participation based training: We are well known for interactive training sessions which are educational and participative. Innovative training techniques ensure your involvement in your own success.   
  • We facilitate your LEARNING, not just read to you from a book.  This is what sets us apart!


~~~ Website updates and exciting changes coming soon  ~~~  Thank you for your patience ~~~~


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We have been working with Jane for at least 8 years and have had great success.  
Jane Davis is very well know in the industry. She is  very professional and has a great work ethic.  She takes pride in every class she teaches to ensure the candidate's success.  The time she spends to ensure candidates's success is inspiring to them to succeed on a very difficult exam!