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Testimonial - Allstate - Darlene Dalgliesh

Allstate Insurance has utilized PDTC's Licensing courses many times for our new agents.  At least 89% of our agents pass the licensing exam on their 1st attempt.  Over the years, I've received nothing but positive feedback from our agents about Jane's courses & her delivery of the material.  Here are some examples...
"If it weren't for Jane's course...I'd have never passed that exam on my own!  There were some concepts that I was struggling with but Jane was able to paint a clear picture so that I got it."
"Thank goodness for Jane's course.  Her plain language explanations of the coverages/concepts made the confusing material much easier to understand."
"I loved the way in which Jane provided real-life examples of the insurance terms.  These examples stuck with me & made the exam bearable.  If it weren't for those examples, I don't think I've have passed."
Darlene Dalgliesh  FCIP. CRM, ACS
Agency Development Manager - Allstate Insurance Company of Canada