Chris Miller, CEO Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers

I began utilizing the services of Jane Davis as a broker owner in 2004.  Since that time, I have continued to use Jane Davis and Professional Development Training Center exclusively for level #1 and level #2 licenses courses both as the Vice President of BrokerLink Insurance as well as the Regional Vice President of Intact Insurance. 

In my current roll as Chief Operating Officer for Lloyd Sadd Insurance we engage PDTC for our training needs.  Jane is an excellent facilitator and makes the material relevant by relating it to actual experience. PDTC’s results are the top in Alberta!

Our success rate with PDTC is exceptional.  It is truly a pleasure to work with Jane and I would give her the highest of recommendations.

Chris Miller, CAIB, B.Ed
Chief Operating Officer 

Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers  


The Co-operators – Alberta Region Vice President

The Co-operators in Alberta have used Jane Davis of Professional Development Training Center Inc. extensively for AIC licensing courses and motivational seminars.  Jane is a very professional, knowledgeable and organized individual.

Chris Ross, Alberta Region Vice President

The Co-operators General Insurance Company


Western Financial Group Learning & Development Team

As a member of a business-oriented learning and development team, we have long enjoyed a relationship with PDTC.  We keep coming back because of Jane’s transparency with results and commitment to her professional facilitation in the ever changing landscape of insurance knowledge.  From her immersion courses to her customized commercial courses – we appreciate our relationship with Jane as she has taken the time to understand our business needs.  

The successes we enjoy together makes the relationship stronger!

Manager – Learning and Development
Western Financial Group

Belairdirect – a division of INTACT Insurance

We have been working with Jane for at least 9 years and have had great success in licensing and in educational development.  

Jane Davis is very well known in the industry. She is very professional and has a great work ethic.  She takes pride in every class she teaches to ensure the candidate’s success.  The time she spends to ensure candidates’ success inspires to them to succeed on a very difficult exam!  Thank you PDTC. 

Belairdirect, Training and Development Team


Allstate Insurance Training and Development

Allstate Insurance has utilized PDTC’s Licensing courses many times for our new agents.  At least 89% of our agents pass the licensing exam on their 1st attempt.  Over the years, we have received nothing but positive feedback from our agents about Jane’s courses & her delivery of the material. 

Here are some examples… “If it weren’t for Jane’s course…I’d have never passed that exam on my own!  There were some concepts that I was struggling with but Jane was able to paint a clear picture so that I got it.”

“Thank goodness for Jane’s course.  Her plain language explanations of the coverages/concepts made the confusing material much easier to understand.”

Agency Development Manager – Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

Testimonials – Level 1 and Level 2 attendees

“Thank you, thank you Jane!  I passed on my first attempt of Level 1 exam with an 82%.  Your course is everything I needed to pass this exam.  It is a very tough exam.  I am sooooo pleased” 

 Jason   Feb 2018

“I will recommend your seminar to everyone.  I would never have passed without this session, and you were right that the pre-work helped.  You are so good at inspiring us to study.  I start Monday in my new career!” 

Sue  Feb 2018

“Thank you, thank you!  You have changed my world.  This exam is difficult and as English as second language, I found it very hard.  You make it easy!”  

Grace  October 2019

“I heard your voice throughout my exam.  I passed on my first attempt of the AIC brutal Level 2  exam! Thank you, I got the promotion!”  

Cal   March 2019

“Thank you so very much for taking the time to be such an amazing facilitator in the course last week.  I learned so much from you, and love how you taught the whole group.  It is because of you I passed. Without your amazing resources, there is no way that I could have passed!  For that I am eternally grateful.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart. “        

Kristy H.   Edmonton

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know I got through Level 2 with 84%. 

I also wanted to say thank you for all of your lessons/materials/support .Having limited exposure to the insurance industry coming in to Level 1 and Level 2,  I truly found your teaching to put me in the right mindset to understand the materials. Not to mention that it’s been around 10 years since I wrote a ‘true’ test; I found myself with very little test anxiety going in to both exams due to the confidence I built throughout your seminars.

Ross B.  June 2020

Co-operators General Insurance Company

Thank you Jane… it has been many years since I have had to write an AIC exam and I am so thankful that I did it this way! Your online course almost over-prepared me and I passed on the first try!  I am now using the course in my district to train existing and new associates for level 1 & 2 !  Not only will they be able to fast track the course… but they will learn really great habits about how to apply the knowledge in the industry!

Nicole Dziuba, CFP, FMA, CIWM, CLU