General Level 2 Licensing – Video-conference & Online

Jane Davis, CIP
Level 2 Licensing
  • 36 students
  • 44 lessons
  • 5 quizzes
  • 30 day duration
36 students
Save $400.00
Pricing includes all materials   
+800 practice questions.   
Commitment required to study!


With COVID-19 affecting our worlds, we transitioned smoothly into offering Level 2 via video conference meetings, with learn at your own pace interactive video assignments. 

We specifically instruct to exam content, and use policy wordings, as well as materials specifically used to write the exam questions.  Level 2 is very tough, and we highly recommend a course.  This seminar uses course study materials and IBC wordings as tested on the exam.  The package is sent to you including binder contents and pre-work.  We then arrange video-conference sessions as often as the group demands.  Keeping the group size to 6 per session, it gives us the opportunity to teach a lesson, then provide practice questions to allow you to solidify your learning.


The key to your success is our classroom delivery style, which we have transitioned to video sessions having classroom seminars professionally video recorded.  We don’t read to you, we engage you in learning!  We also bring lessons to life and answer your questions as we go through the video-conference meet-ups.  We use Google Meet as everyone has access to it, and it is a very stable platform.

There is significant pre-work and study time required as Level 2 is a challenging exam.  We just had six participants through, all achieving over 80% on Level 2 exam.  They committed to their studies.


  • Includes over 800 practice questions with interactive instruction
  • Includes all source materials, including a binder and study guide
  • Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing examples
  • Includes exam questions and examples used on AIC exam and analysis of the correct answer with rationale
  • Be successful on your first attempt of the exam and save $50 per time you write
  • Course content is designed to match AIC Curriculum Design document and exam content
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session
  • Commercial insurance is very heavily tested, and the older IBC wordings, or harder market wordings
  • Earn 22.5 CE Credits.  Advance your career


We have a group who started September 8, 2020 . 

The next date will be starting is:   OCTOBER 13, 2020.  

Maximum participants = 10.   Enroll today


We work with the registrants to arrange appropriate video-conference meet dates.  Generally there are two to three per week, 2.5 hours per time.  Sign up today, or email to secure a space in our next group.


When COVID allows, live seminars are held regularly in Edmonton and Calgary, and as demand requires in Grande Prairie, Red Deer and Lethbridge.  Visit our classroom calendar to see next scheduled dates by clicking here.


Hi Jane,  I passed this time!  84% !  I knew I should have come to you in the first place.  I scored 90+% on your Level 2 practice exams, so between the practice exams, all the materials you supply and your ability to help others understand the material, your students are well prepared!  All of my staff will come your way for Level 1&2 and others I meet will be referred for sure!  I can’t wait for help with Level 3.  Thanks again,

Carolin Charron – The Co-operators

I was desperately looking for answers to passing Level 2. I tried other “tutor” types of training and other providers but still couldn’t pass so I turned to Jane Davis for the solution. Thanks to Jane and PDTC, I finally conquered Level 2 and am able to carry on with my career. I have staff members that have used her in the past with success and I will continue to send all future prospects to her courses. Out of the 4 of us in my office that have taken Jane’s courses, we all passed on our first attempts, Levels 1 and 2.

Thank you for everything Jane, you certainly changed my life!  

 James Cummings, Agency Owner


Thank you for your expertise on knowing exactly what is on Level 2.  The exam is very tough, but exactly what you taught us.  Your training seminar is  designed to assist us in advancing our careers.  There were absolutely no surprises  for either of us.  Everything you said would be on the exam was.  Thank you so much for all the research you do to ensure your student’s successes!  We appreciate your attention to detail and leading us in the right direction.

Jay and Amanda,  Brokerlink, Edmonton   




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Jane Davis, CIP
Lead instructor, Jane Davis is well known for her dynamic yet professionally casual approach which caters to your specific learning needs. She makes the learning environment interesting in a live seminar, and has brought that energy to the online video lessons. This shows specifically through success rates that participants experience on examinations. With over 20 years industry training experience while keeping fresh on industry trends, Jane Davis facilitates a dynamic course with an abundance of examples and deep industry knowledge – and she delivers this to you whether online or in person. Her goal is always to leave you eager to achieve success in your insurance career. Welcome to the insurance industry, you will leave the licensing seminars eager to get started! For those in the industry, we welcome you to advance your career through CE Credit, Level 2 and Level 3 courses.

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  • Mikaela

    Exam Based Learning

    Jane's courses not only gave me a better understanding of the insurance industry itself, but she also teaches her students how to write the test and understand the vocabulary used by the AIC. She uses multiple real life examples to help us wrap our head around coverage's and settlements, and has the patience to re-explain things to better suit the people that she is teaching. I had previously taken a level 2 course through another provider, and when I went to write my test I wasn't nearly as prepared as I had thought I was. Once I took Jane's course I had many "Aha!" moments and had way more confidence when I was sitting in that exam room. Thank you Jane, for helping me finally get my level 2 after months of studying!
  • Rick

    Passed L2 on the first try.

    Taking the L2 course with Jane gave me the knowledge needed to pass but more importantly the confidence when I answered the questions. I can't say enough good things about Jane's knowledge and how she can explain things. Thank you Jane.
  • Laura Sleeman

    Excellent Instructor

    I took Jane's course virtually. Jane handled the delivery of the course like a pro. She supplied all the material, advice and insight needed to pass the exam on the first attempt. I would recommend Professional Development Training Center to anyone looking to succeed.
  • Andrea Phillips

    Passed on my first attempt!

    Jane's courses thoroughly prepared me for two very tough exams. Not only did I pass both level 1 and 2 on my first try after Jane's seminars, but I feel my understanding of the insurance industry and risk management process has grown significantly in a short amount of time! Jane provides real world examples that help you truly understand and remember concepts. I believe her curated course materials are essential to passing the exams. Thank you, Jane!
  • Ross

    Fantastic Courses!

    Entering the Insurance industry with little background in the business, Jane's courses were well laid-out to bring my understanding to a whole new level. After not writing any type of exam for 5+ years, I was also very prepared and confident entering the L1 and L2 exams. I truly believe that it would have taken years of self-studying to get to the same level that a few days in Jane's seminars got me to. I highly recommend Jane's courses to anyone that has been in the industry before, or anyone just entering!